Bucket List

This page is an easy to access version of my Baking Bucket List. (See post on this subject.)

  1. Reminded by Backwards Lion – Brioche. Tender crumbed, golden buttery Brioche, rich in egg and milk. For dunking in hot chocolate or café au lait or to eat with high fruit preserve… peach… apricot… passion fruit, maybe. 7/5/13
  2. Scottish Morning Rolls – the real deal, using mashed potato in the mix.
  3. Ciabatta
  4. Bagels
  5. Lardy Cake (I think I made one once, but can’t recall how it went)
  6. Danish Pastries (yes, once, at school… very dull)
  7. Croissants (only ever from frozen dough, sad to say)
  8. Crumpets... or, as named where I grew up, Pikelets. 21/02/2013
  9. Muffins. Not those over-large buns the Yanks make… these are bread goodies, for toasting on an open fire and slathering with butter, or for perching a poached egg upon for one’s tea. We like them on Saturday mornings, sandwiching some crispy streaky bacon and a few buttery mushrooms. 20/02/2013
  10. Rum babas (once, a long, long time ago and we were not allowed to use rum)
  11. Bierocks – not a life long yearning but a new intrigue. Should go well with a bottle of Dog and a game of Bar Billiards on one of our pub nights.
  12. Pannetone
  13. Ginger Beer (no, never. ever.)
  14. Tiger Bread (added 1/3/13)
  15. Baguettes 19/7/13
  16. List remains open

Items Baked

  1. Muffins: 20 Feb, 2013 Post 1 Post 2
  2. Crumpets: 21 Feb 2013 Post
  3. Tiger Bread: 11 Mar 2013 Post
  4. Brioche: 07 May 2013 Post 1 Post 2
  5. Baguette

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