After another failure in the Milk Loaf department, I am minded to try a different flour. Basically I am wondering if the flour that I am using can support the required rise. I have had problems with it producing an apparently weak dough in the past. For my first (successful, apart from exploding from the tin) attempt, I had mixed in some whiter flour. For these last two failures, I used the unbleached flour unadulterated.

It makes one think.

There is one other difference – I used dried yeast for these two, and fresh for the first. I doubt this to be the cause of the problem, however.

Today’s loaf is a nudge better than the last one, but not a very large nudge, it must be said.

We should have a big sack of the Rustic Country Flour here by mid-week – perhaps I’ll try that in the milk roll tin later this week.