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Mr L sent out a dove this morning and it returned intact. The waters are receding, for now. We face more strong winds from the South east soon.

The phone rang yesterday afternoon. It was M, the lovely chap who makes the deliveries for our local courier. He explained that he had dropped two bags  over the fence for me, down at the foot of the garden by the telephone pole. It was as close as he could get. I freaked out after I put the phone down. It would not have been  fair to freak at him, he was trying hard to deliver a service in difficult conditions…

…but that was 41 kilos of flour that he was talking about!

We wrapped up and braved the storm, edging around the higher part of the garden. I grabbed the 16 kilo bag of wholemeal and Mr L carried the 25 kilos of stoneground organic unbleached white. Thankfully the sacks had been bagged in not one, but two poly bags and made it to safety without becoming dough.

I have been trying the wholemeal out today…

Oaty Wholemeal

Oaty Wholemeal

… using the given variation on the basic loaf recipe in my River Cottage Handbook. Dried  yeast today (fresh yeast gets here tomorrow evening.) I added a ladle-full of Bill, the Spelt sour dough starter. The bread was shaped, then dipped in milk and then into a mixture of fine and pinhead oatmeal and jumbo rolled oats.

A kilo of flour made 8 large rolls and a cob. The rolls are for tea with Brie and chutney, and the cob is  for freezing.

Kilo batch

Kilo batch