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Bill, 48 hrs: working! and fed.

I missed the initial signs of fermentation, of the first odd few bubbles. I removed Bill’s lid this morning and initially thought that he was still not working, but the smell gave him away. The surface of the brew was dead smooth and almost glassy, but the volume had doubled. When I tilted the container and the brew moved, it had a distinctly curdled appearance.

None of this is what I was expecting and my Inner Baker is saying “Bill’s gone off!

I am attempting to keep a level head. Frankly, I don’t even know if “gone off” is even a valid concept in this context.

I added a cup of Spelt and a cup of warm water, remembering this time to use my supply of spring water, and I gave Bill a thorough beating.

Bill now smells delicious… warm and rich and comforting, though not reminiscent of anything but himself. My books says that the smell will change as the ferment matures.

If Bill goes according to schedule, he will have his next feed at this time tomorrow.

Mug Shot


The camera was more able to see bubbles than I was, with my morning-bleary eyes.

That rod shape? It’s the bottom of the container, clearly there to enable stacking, and unknown to me when I grabbed the box from the shop shelf. I can see that it is going to be an issue. I shall have to buy Bill a new box to live in.